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Rockville RVSM5 Pair Studio Monitor Bookshelf Speaker Stands w/Adjustable Height

Rockville RVSM5 Pair Studio Monitor Bookshelf Speaker Stands w/Adjustable Height

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All About Your RVSM5 Stands:

How To Set Up Your RVSM5:


2 stands
2 sets of rubber feet for hard surfaces
2 sets of spikes for carpet floor
Adjustable speaker shelf
Hex key (assembly is just 2 screws)
Cable clips


The Rockville RVSM5 is not your ordinary speaker stand. This stand is perfect for studio monitors and bookshelf speakers. It is a best-in-class stand with all the features you want. It starts with a solid steel base that has an elegant rounded triangular shape. You can adjust the height easily with quick-access hand tightening knobs. You can also adjust the width of the speaker tray to ensure a snug fit with any speaker. The speaker tray has thick foam to eliminate unwanted vibrations.

We include feet for hard floors as well as carpet spikes. We also include snap-on cable clips that will allow you to neatly run your speaker cables. This steel stand is super strong with a weight capacity of 100 lbs. per speaker.


Rockville RVSM5 Adjustable Height Studio Monitor Stand with Solid Base and Adjustable Speaker Platform
Speaker stand Height adjustment: 33 to 52
Speaker tray is adjustable from 5.9 to 13.4 (Fits any bookshelf style speaker up to 100 Lbs.)
Speaker tray has edges and it will adjust to the width of your speaker
Speaker tray has thick foam padding to reduce speaker vibrations
Hand tightening knobs to adjust tray width or height
Includes rubber feet for hard floors and spikes for carpet
Snap-on Cable clips included to hide cables
Elegant and stable design with rounded triangular base plate
Solid Steal
Perfect for studio monitor speakers and home speakers
Load Capacity: 100 lbs. per stand

Manufacturer Part Number:RVSM5
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